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Need to Move a Piano? Hire Professional Piano Movers.

Moving is a time of mixed emotions. It can be exciting, and also stressful. Moving some items is as easy as putting them in a labeled box, taping it up, and carrying it to the truck. Moving your piano, won’t be quite as easy. Pianos are heavy and contain hundreds of moving parts that can be easily damaged if not moved properly. To make moving day as stress-free as possible, the best option for securely moving your piano is to hire professional piano movers.

Professional piano movers have experience.

Whether you’ve hired movers or have asked friends to help, know that pianos need to be moved with extreme care. Don’t rely on yourself or basic home movers to move the piano. Ask if they have experience and then verify it. Dropping a piano can result in damages costing up to and more than $1,000. Professional piano movers know what it takes to safely move a piano, and most likely have done it many times before.

They know what to assemble and disassemble.

In addition to knowing how to move the piano, professional piano movers will also know how to or if they should disassemble or remove any pieces before transport. Pianos are made of hundreds of pieces and parts. Professional piano movers will know if there are pieces they can or should remove for safety or ease of the move.

A basic mover will most likely just move the piano as is, with no regard for foot pedals or what is inside the piano. Once the piano makes it to your new home because professional piano movers have the experience and knowledge they will know how to properly reassemble the piano, or check to make sure nothing has shifted out of place.

Piano movers understand what it takes.

Piano movers know pianos. You can tell them what kind of piano you have, and they will know how much it weighs and how many movers to bring. They will know specifically how to lift or move your piano.

With the transport in the vehicle to the new home, more than likely strings will shift. When the big moving day comes, give us a call here at Chicago Piano Tuners, and we will get your piano back in melodic action.

Caleb CrockettNeed to Move a Piano? Hire Professional Piano Movers.