Piano Cleaning

Everything else in your home is dust free, are you ready for your piano to be dust free too?


Like any other household item, pianos accumulate dust and debris over time. But unlike most household furniture, a piano should not be cleaned by anyone other than a professional, as it is very easy to cause damage during cleaning.


Is your piano starting to look like some of our examples?

Here are the most common areas that collect dust and debris:

– The soundboard underneath the strings and plate


– The tuning pin area


– The strings


– The keys


– Inside the cabinet of uprights


– Underneath the keys


– Behind the fallboard where pencils can get trapped

Our basic cleaning will remove all the dust from your piano (using a low volume / HEPA filter vacuum) and will remove light stains from the soundboard and plate. This service can be added to any piano tuning during the booking process, or even after we’ve already arrived at your home!


If your piano has heavy staining or other cosmetic issues, a full detailing may be required. We will bring your piano into the shop and painstakingly go over every detail until your piano looks like new again. Please note that pricing varies for this type of cleaning, call us for more details.

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