Piano Tuning Service

At Chicago Piano Tuners, we strive to provide exceptional piano tuning services while maintaining high levels of care and professionalism in your home or establishment. You can use our professional piano tuning and cleaning service in Chicago for any type of piano, from the family upright piano to your university music hall’s baby grand piano. All our expert piano tuner technicians have trained ears and the years of experience needed to tune and prepare your piano for its next major or minor performance.

Regular Piano Tuning Services

All pianos—from studio and full-size uprights to grand pianos—require regular tuning. For pianos still in use, it’s recommended to have your piano tuned every six to 12 months. By choosing Chicago Piano Tuners as your regular piano technician, your piano will receive a fully comprehensive inspection. We go over your piano from top to bottom with expert attention to detail. We’ll come to your location, spend about 90 minutes making fine adjustments, and leave you with a harmonious-sounding piano.

Fine adjustments during our piano tuning service include:

  • Curing sticky keys
  • Touching up the regulation
  • Quieting squeaky pedals
  • Tightening the bench
  • Piano Cleaning Services

You can add our professional cleaning services to any tuning service. Having your piano inspected through general maintenance provides another safeguard to guarantee your piano is in the best condition.

Our comprehensive piano cleaning includes:

  • Cleaning keytops
  • Wiping away any fingerprints
  • Optimizing the action’s performance
  • Eliminating all squeaks and clicks
  • Ensuring nothing is broken or missing

Reach Our Piano Tuner Technician in Chicago

Our technicians can answer questions and provide any additional information on our professional piano tuning and cleaning services in the Chicagoland area. In addition to general information, we also offer free telephone or video chat consultations to confirm what type of service your piano requires. With a simple phone call, we can give a quote for our standard tuning, or—if necessary—a more advanced pitch raise tuning service.

Schedule an appointment online, or reach us via a call or text at (312) 785-9393.

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