Caleb Crocket, Piano Tuner

About Us

Caleb Crockett is a piano technician who works with musicians, teachers, piano dealers,  and schools to keep their pianos in tune and in proper working order. Over the past 15 years, Caleb has tuned thousands of pianos, ranging from Kimball spinets, Baldwin consoles, and Yamaha grands, to 9 foot Steinway concert grands.

Caleb has worked at Ball State University (an all Steinway school), Taylor University, American Music World (Chicago area piano dealer entering its 39th year in business), CICB Theatre (Chicago, IL) and Cinesace Chicago Film Studios (for the Empire television show).

Our Mission

We love music, and music sounds better when instruments are well-maintained.  Our mission is quite simple, to make the music of Chicago sound just a little bit better, one piano at a time.