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Standard Tuning

What does a “Standard Tuning” include? That depends on which piano technician you hire! Not only do we expertly tune your piano to the highest degree possible, we go over the entire piano from top to bottom. We clean your keytops, wipe down fingerprints, tighten the legs on your bench, check that the action is performing optimally (we touch it up as time allows), eliminate pedal and action squeaks and clicks, and ensure there are no broken or missing parts.

Need more than a Standard Tuning? Don’t worry! We also service and install QRS and PianoDisc digital player sytems, Dampp Chaser systems, and we can do anything from a small repair, to a complete piano restoration. Call us today!

Pitch Raise

If your piano hasn’t been tuned in more than a year, you may require a pitch raise.  A pitch raise, also known as double-tuning, is a more advanced tuning process since tuning all of the strings at once can slightly change the structure of your piano, meaning that the strings will need to be adjusted much more than a basic tuning. It takes a little bit longer than a basic tuning, but once completed, you will be able to resume a normal tuning schedule.

Chicago Piano Tuners

17 Years of Service to Chicago Pianists

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Whether your piano needs a regular semi-annual tuning or it’s been a while, we can get your piano sounding the best it ever has.