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Piano Tuning in Chicago

We are open and scheduling appointments! All technicians will wear a mask at each appointment and we ask that you help us maintain social distancing while we are there. Thank you for visiting our website, please call if you have any questions.

A Few of Our Noteworthy Clients

Tom Brislin

Recording artist / YES

Ólafur Arnalds

Recording artist

The Peninsula Chicago

Thalia Hall

Chicago Recording Company

Chicago Public Schools

Looking to buy, move or restore a piano?

We are standing by and ready to help you take that next step, whether you have a cherished instrument that’s ready to be restored, need movers you can trust, or are ready to buy a new or used piano, let us help you!

On Location

Chicago Piano Tuners is a professional piano tuning company that provides comprehensive tuning services for pianists of all calibers.
Whether you need a repair or just a routine piano tuning in Chicago, we have your back. We’ll have your instrument ready to give its best performance.

For pianos tuned within 12 months

Not only do we tune your piano with rock-solid unisons and wide beat-less octaves, but we also go over your piano from top to bottom. Cleaning keytops, fingerprints, tightening bench legs, touching up the action, and eliminating squeaks are just part of our approach!

Call today for comprehensive piano tuning in Chicago!

For pianos serviced more than 1 year ago

For pianos that haven’t been tuned on a regular schedule, we go the extra mile to get you back on track! This service includes raising the pitch, minor repairs / adjustments such as sticking keys, in addition to touching up the action. Once completed, you will be able to resume a normal tuning schedule.

For pianos that haven’t been serviced in 10 years

Even if your piano hasn’t been serviced in 10 years or more, we can help! First we determine if the piano is capable of being tuned, then, we go thru your piano carefully and bring it back to life, taking care of any other issues along the way such as broken action parts. If we determine that your piano cannot be serviced, you won’t pay us anything!

Don’t want to schedule online or call? Feel free to text us.

Precision Piano Tuning for All Types of Pianos

From Square Grands, Spinets, Yamaha CP70’s & CP80’s, Home Console Pianos, Studio Pianos, Baby Grand and Concert Grand Pianos, we’ve been there before and we’ve got you covered! Whether your piano needs a regular semi-annual tuning or it’s been a while, our affordable piano tuning services can get your piano sounding the best it ever has.

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