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Do I need my Chicago piano inspected before purchasing?

Purchasing a piano isn’t an impulse buy or a snap decision. It requires research and thorough consideration. When you’ve made the decision to invest, you want to know the quality of the piano you are taking home. In this blog post, we take a look at whether you need your Chicago piano inspected before purchasing. 

Small cost now eliminates larger repair costs later.

Investing a little extra in your piano initially can save you extravagant repair and upkeep costs down the road. A piano inspection could cost you $150 up front, but it could also save you upwards of $1000 down the road, should you find that the piano is not equal in value to the money you invested. A tech will be able to tell you if the cost is appropriate for the quality of the piano, and pinpoint any major or minor issues.

You aren’t the Chicago piano expert.

While you might be an expert pianist, you may not be able to properly assess the quality of a piano simply by looking at or playing it. Fortunately, there are experts trained just for this role ready to assist in this situation.

Enrolling a trained piano tech to conduct a proper piano inspection in addition to the assessment given to you by the salesperson, is a wise choice. No one holds all the information, so the more eyes and hands on your piano, the better.

Be picky about your piano dealer.

The best case scenario would be purchasing your piano from a pre-owned certified dealer who offers a piano warranty. There is no route safer than this, and it is the option that will leave you with the most peace of mind when making this large purchase.

Research in your area and ask any friends you may know with a piano where they made their purchases, and if they are happy with the outcome. There is a community of piano owners in the Chicago area they are always happy to provide valuable insight.

At Chicago Piano Tuners, we want every piano experience you have to be a positive one.  Because of this, we hope you will consider investing in a piano inspection for your next piano purchase. As always, we will be here continually providing you with knowledge, know-how, and insight for your piano related ponderings.

Caleb CrockettDo I need my Chicago piano inspected before purchasing?