Fee Schedule

All current prices are listed in our appointment booking system (above), you will see the price before you ever book anything!

There are no hidden fees.

At Chicago Piano Tuners, we pride ourselves not only on the quality of tuning that you’ll receive but in providing the most professional service you’ve received from a piano tuner.  We’ll treat your home as if it were our own.  We promise to leave no trace other than a well tuned piano. If your piano is in disrepair and you’re not sure if a standard tuning or pitch raise will solve your issue, we offer a free telephone or video chat consultation and will be able to quote your service call over the phone.

Tuning Pianos

The nature of tuning pianos is more complex than most realize.  The sheer number of strings in the instrument puts tremendous pressure on the plate (sometimes called a harp).  As such, tuning a string (especially the thicker, stronger bass strings) has an effect on the rest of the strings of the piano. It’s simply not as simple as tuning each string and leaving. With master techniques, a trained ear, state-of-the-art software, and a little patience, Chicago Piano Tuners will have your piano expertly tuned whether you’re a novice looking to tune your first piano or a concert pianist preparing for a major performance.

Standard Tuning

Our standard tuning is the most affordable way to maintain your piano in the long term and requires a piano that has been tuned within the last 12 months. We’ll come to your house, and spend approximately 90 minutes making fine adjustments to your piano’s tuning, curing sticking keys, touching up the regulation, quieting squeaking pedals and even tightening the bench! Call for more details!

Pitch Raise

A Pitch Raise is necessary when more than 50 percent of the piano is more than 15 cents sharp or flat. Common scenarios include a piano that has just been moved, inherited from a family member, kept in a non-ideal location such as a garage, or purchased from a private seller. There is anywhere from 18-30 tons of string tension on the piano’s plate. When the overall pitch of the piano drops a significant amount, it requires a greater effort to set the pitch back to A-440hz. This appointment will last about 2 hours and the tuning process will take up most of that time.

Tuning and Cleaning

You may notice that dust and other household contaminates such as pet hair can accumulate underneath the piano’s strings and get into other hard to reach areas. It is not recommended to attempt to clean these areas yourself, as the soundboard and string dampers can be easily damaged and not so easily repaired. Let us detail the inside of your piano and make you proud to show it off when your friends and family come over!