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At Chicago Piano Tuners, we pride ourselves not only on the quality of tuning that you’ll receive but in providing the most professional service you’ve received from a piano tuner.  We’ll treat your home as if it were our own.  We promise to leave no trace other than a well cleaned and tuned piano. If your piano is in disrepair and you’re not sure if a simple tune or pitch raise will solve your issue, we offer a free telephone or video chat consultation and will be able to quote your service call over the phone.

Tuning Pianos

The nature of tuning pianos is more complex than most realize.  The sheer number of strings in the instrument puts tremendous pressure on the housing.  As such, tuning a string (especially the thicker, stronger bass strings) has an effect on the rest of the strings of the piano. It’s simply not as simple as tuning each string and leaving. With master techniques, a trained ear, state-of-the-art software, and a little patience Chicago Piano Tuners will have your piano expertly tuned whether your a novice looking to tune your first piano or a concert pianist preparing for a major performance.

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Basic Tuning

Our basic tuning package is the most affordable way to maintain your piano in the long term but requires a piano that has been tuned within the last six months. In our basic service, we’ll come to your house, and spend about 30-45 minutes making fine adjustments to your piano’s tuning. We will clean your keys and inspect your piano and bench for issues.

Pitch Raise

A Pitch Raise may be necessary if your piano has been sitting out of tune or recently moved.  A pitch raise, sometimes known as a double tune, takes more time since the piano is further out of tune.  We typically recommend a pitch raise if your piano hasn’t been tuned in more than 6-8 months.  

Premium and Concert Tuning

Our most professional and time-intensive services are our Premium and Concert Tuning packages. We will take an intimate look at your piano. Not only will it be tuned to perfection, but we will adjust the regulation and voicing, as well as deep clean your instrument including the soundboard under the strings. In our Premium service, we will spend at least 2 hours with your piano, and our concert service entitles you to no less than 4 hours of our time.


Simple Tune

  • A simple tune is appropriate if your piano has been tuned in the last 6-8 months.
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Pitch Raise

  • If it’s been more than 8 months since your last tune, you’ll likely need a pitch raise.
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Concert Tuning

4 Hour Service
  • Our most premium service for the most serious pianists. We’ll spend a half day perfectly tuning your instrument.
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