Piano Tuning in Indianapolis

Do you play piano for professional or personal interests and live in the greater Indianapolis area? Is your piano sounding flat, or perhaps your piano needs even greater restoration? Chicago Piano Tuners can help. We offer piano tuning in Indianapolis and love returning clients’ beloved instruments back to their original tone and functionality. Continue reading for details about our specific services.

Standard Tunings

If your piano hasn’t been professionally tuned before, it’s useful to have some basic information about what our piano tuning technicians do. Our team has been tuning pianos for over 20 years, and we’ve developed a comprehensive approach that gets your keys sounding marvelous every time.

We focus on wide, beat-less octaves and firm unisons so your piano’s pins hold pitch for months at a time. Our piano tuning technicians won’t stop there, though—we also wipe down fingerprints, clean your keytops, adjust the action, and eliminate squeaks. Chicago Piano Tuners aims to offer our clients a premium piano playing experience from top to bottom.

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Pitch Raises

If you haven’t requested piano tuning in Indianapolis in one year or more, our pitch raise service is particularly useful. Pianos are often liable to falling out of tune during significant seasonal changes, such as late fall and spring, when moisture levels vary more widely.

Pitch raises are more involved than standard tunings and are also referred to as double-tuning. Depending on how taut your piano’s strings have been tuned to in the past, they may need this acute type of tuning, which returns your piano’s strings to the proper average tension levels. Your piano can follow a normal tuning schedule after a pitch raise, which is generally once or twice a year.

Successful Tuning for All Kinds of Pianos

We offer piano tuning in Indianapolis for all kinds of piano brands, models, and builds. From Yamaha, Steinway, and Blüthner to concert grands, baby grands, and studio pianos, we’ve successfully restored and tuned countless types. Whether your piano needs to be tuned for the first time in years or you’re performing regularly and need more frequent tunings, we have the experience you’re looking for.

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