Piano Tuning in Park Ridge

Chicago Piano Tuners is a piano tuning company with unmatched expertise that offers complete tuning services for pianists of any caliber. Whether you need a full restoration or just a standard piano tuning in Park Ridge, we have got your back. We will get your piano back in shape and ready to give its best performance in years.

Standard Tuning

What does a “Standard Tuning” actually entail? Not only will we fine-tune your piano with firm unisons and wide beat-less octaves, but we also address your piano from top to bottom—cleaning keytops, removing fingerprints, tightening bench legs, adjusting the action, and removing squeaks is just part of our approach to cleaning and piano tuning. Call us today for all-inclusive piano tuning in Park Ridge!

Pitch Raise

If your piano has not been tuned in over a year, you may want a pitch raise. A pitch raise, also known as double-tuning, is a more intricate tuning method. Changing the overall string tautness over time can slightly alter the structure of your piano, meaning they will need to be attuned much more acutely than a basic tuning. Once completed, you will be able to resume a normal tuning schedule.

Precision Piano Tuning for All Types of Pianos in Park Ridge

From Vertical Pianos, Spinets, Yamaha CP70’s & CP80’s, Console pianos, Studio Pianos, Baby Grand, and Concert Grand Pianos, we’ve been there before, and we’ve got you covered! Whether your piano needs a regular semi-annual tuning or it’s been a while, our inexpensive piano tuning services can get your piano sounding the best it ever has.

We love music, and music always sounds better when instruments are well-maintained. Our mission is quite simple—to make the music of Chicago and the surrounding communities sound just a little bit better, one piano at a time.

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