Piano Pitch Raise Tuning Service

Pianos do best in temperature- and humidity-controlled environments. However, for most pianists in Chicago, maintaining a controlled environment can be difficult do due to the humid summers and frigid winters. Outside their ideal environment, pianos can expand or contract, causing the string tension to need tuning. In most cases, only a regular tuning session is necessary. However, for some pianos that are more than 20 cents sharp or flat, a more advanced tuning session—called a pitch raise or double-tuning—is required.

At Chicago Piano Tuners, our piano pitch raise tuning service for Chicagoland pianists is the ideal choice for pianos that need a little extra TLC. With our double-tuning service, our primary focus is on returning all strings to the proper tension and pitch. In about 110 minutes, our professionals can return the pitch of your piano back to A-440hz—the standard pitch. If you have additional concerns regarding squeaky parts or wear and tear, let us know. Our technicians in Chicago can schedule additional services for more severe cleaning needs or repairs.

When to Call a Piano Technician in Chicago for a Pitch Raise Tuning

Beyond simply leaving a piano alone for too long, other common scenarios could lead to the need for a pitch raise. Some of these scenarios include relocation or keeping the piano in a less-than-ideal location—such as a basement, garage, or storage unit. If you have inherited a piano or bought one from a private seller, and you don’t know about its former maintenance condition, plan for a piano pitch raise tuning service.

Schedule an Advanced Tuning Session

Contact our Chicago technicians by phone or text at (312) 785-9393 to schedule an appointment. You can also fill out our online session form, where you’ll be able to see upcoming availabilities.

Not sure which piano maintenance service you need? Give us a call—we provide free consultations over the phone to assess the level of tuning and repair your piano needs.

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