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How Often You Should Have Your Piano Tuned

It’s common knowledge that no acoustic piano will be in proper playing condition unless you tune it first. However, for those new to the instrument, it can be difficult to gauge just how often this process needs to occur. For this reason, everyone who wishes to get into the art of piano playing should understand the intricate details of piano performance, maintenance, and general care. This is how often you should have your piano tuned and what it means for your instrument.

In the First Year

While it’s easy to assume that a newer piano would hold its tune longer than an old one, the opposite is actually true. Brand new strings are typically very stiff and are more likely to contract back into their original shape once stretched out. This is why it often takes several attempts to properly tune these strings. So, over the first year of its life, it’s not uncommon for you to tune your piano at least once every three months, if not more.

Long-Term Maintenance

Once you’ve owned your instrument for over a year, how often you should have your piano tuned will change, depending on the frequency at which it falls out of tune. Since your piano’s strings should properly hold their tune by this point, you will only need to adjust the strings if you notice a difference in the way they sound. As a general rule, if you play your piano regularly, you will need to tune it at least twice a year, though it could even be less often than this if you play sporadically. The more you play the piano, the faster it will fall out of tune and require maintenance.

On a large, heavy device like a piano, the tuning process can be a bit arduous and difficult for many owners to understand. This is why, at Chicago Piano Tuners, we’ve dedicated ourselves to help musicians like you keep your acoustic pianos in perfect performing condition. Our piano tuning services in Chicago put forth the effort to come directly to you and will cater each session to the specific needs of your instrument. This way, you can rest assured that your piano receives the best possible care.

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